Saturday, June 6, 2009

Overtime at Shaws....

I went to Shaws 2 times today. The pictures are in reverse order. The one directly above this I bought 4 chex mix, 4 suddenly salads and a box of cheerios. I paid 7.86 (I think) oop and got back 10.00 for my next visit.
While I was there I saw Marco (my favorite Cashier) and I was telling him how annoyed I was that I didn't get my catalina for 10.00 yesterday. He told me to talk to customer service and they would fix it, I told them they would give me some crappy excuse, and then he said he'd go with me. So off we went, and they told us we had to go talk to the front end manager people, so again, off we went. The manager tried to tell me the same thing as usual, that I can't use coupons, blah blah. To make it a short story, I ended up getting 5.0o instead of the 10 I was owed and I need to write a letter to Shaws corporate.
Then Josh got home in time for me to run to Shaws and do another transaction. I got 4 more suddenly salads (saving them up for Carter big 2 year birthday party) and 5 bags of chex mix (for Josh or the party) and a can of icing (for the party, or a bad day) and I used the 5.00 and .65 oop and got another 10.00 catalina. So I now have 20.00 in catalinas. I can't wait to go again tommorrow!!!

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