Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More fun times at CVS

So I went to CVS today with 4 ecbs, and got the tylenol (4.99) and the soyjoy (1.00) I used a 2.00 off the tylenol coupon and my 4 ecbs to pay so nothing was spent "out of pocket". I then recieved 2 ecbs for the tylenol, and 4 ecbs for the soyjoy (because of my previous purchases)
I then took those 6 ecbs and went to my "favorite" cvs and got a WHOLE bunch of stuff that was 90% off. My total was a little over 34.00, and then after coupons it was 1.01. I decided not to use my ecbs, because my smallest was a 2 ecbs, and I didn't want to waste 1.00. Then I got 6.98 in ecbs back for buying the thermacare heat wraps, and a clairol perfect 10 hair color. I turned around and used the 6.98 to get a box of trash bags!!
So I still have my 6 ecbs, plus 2 ecbs from last weeks deal.. woohoo!!

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