Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Target with Mr. Cranky and Tea

Mel and I met at Target today for some fun! Carter was a total brat, and Tea was well behaved. How I wish we could have swtiched children!
Anyhow.. I bought 4 boxes of Kashi Bars, 4 6oz edys ice creams, fusion razor and gillette body wash. The Kashi bars are 2.89 each, and I had 1.50 off each. The edys ice creams are 1.19 each and there are target printables for 1.00 off, the razor was 7.99 and I had a 4.00 coupons, and the body was was 3.49 and I had a dollar off of that. I also used a 5.00 gift card from another transaction and paid 7.75 oop. I then recieved a 5.00 gift card for buying the razor and body wash. Woohoo!!

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