Saturday, June 13, 2009

How are you doing with the challenge?

If are wondering what the "challenge" is, than you have not been visiting my site enough!!
I challenged myself to see if I could stop using paper towels. It started off REALLY bad. It was a hard habit to break. I just kept reaching for them, even though my scraps of shirt were right next to them, but then a couple of days when by, and the roll was empty. I decided not to even replace the roll. I figured if it wasn't there. I wouldn't be tempted!!
Since then its been great!!! Whenever I need to clean up something I reach for a cloth, if it gets to dirty, I toss it in the wash, easy peasy!!
If you are up for the challenge, and are having trouble breaking your paper habit, try just putting it out of sight..


  1. I was good and bad. I am trying to use them less but I needed to clean my windows and the cloth I had wasn't cutting it. I guess I need some variety!

  2. Try using newspaper to clean windows...recycles the newspaper as well and works really well! No streak!