Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My latest "need"

Ah, The Kindle.
Heard of it?? It's a small little guy that you can download books into and then read them. It's fantastic. A friend at work has one, and I just love it. Then when she told me you can order the books online from the Kindle itself, it made me ask, can you go on other websites, like ebay?
Yes, Yes you can.
Although it doesn't have full internet capabilities, you can still search on ebay, and without a monthly fee like some cell phone charge. Josh and I are always hunting for ebay deals, so this sounded like something I needed. Oh, have I mentioned the price?
So I'm saving. I have a little over a hundred dollars in my amazon account, so I'm a quater of the way there! Woohoo!! I'm getting another 5.00 gift card from soon, so that will help. I've also decided to start saving cans (which I should be doing anyhow) so I can use that towards it.

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