Friday, April 10, 2009

Shopping time!

I went to 2 different CVS tonight, and did 3 transactions. I first used my dads account and bought 2 Natural Dentist mouth wash's. They were 6.99 each, minus 2.00 each with coupons, so 10.80, I used 10.00 in ecbs to pay for it, and owe them 0.00. They gave me 8.00 back in ecb's, and I can send for a 10.00 rebate! Woo hoo!
Then I went to a CVS on the other end of the Ave and bought 2 skintimate and a bottle of water, used my 8.00 in ecbs to pay and got 6. 98 in ecbs back for buying the skintimate.
Then using my account, I bought a gallon of milk, a skintimate and 2 glade freshners. I had a bogo coupon, and a 1.00 coupon for the glade, so those were free. I used ecb's to pay for the milk and skintimate, and then got 3.49 back for buying the skintimate!! So I spent no money out of pocket tonight, and still have ecb's, what more could you want??!!!

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