Monday, April 6, 2009


I know what you're thinking.. How much did they pay you for that Sara, how much??
The hairs on the back of your head are standing up in excitement huh?
Well, because I am a mo-mo. I paid 3.41.
Two things of rimmel mascara, 2 things of maybelline lip liner, something crazy loreal thing, and stripper red nailpolish (its not actually called that, but thats what I would call it). After all my coupons it was 3.41, and I thought I was going to get 5.00 back in ecbs, but no. The lip liners were maybelline, not loreal like I had thought. The only semi-good thing that came out of this was that they did take my loreal coupons for my maybelline lip liner. I guess we were all a little confused that night.
Lesson learned.


  1. Yes like the time I used an Airwick coupon to buy the Neutra Air thingy and none of us noticed until like a day later? LOL! It happens!

  2. I need a new mascara, where are you getting all the mascara coupons??