Monday, April 27, 2009


I love Poptarts, and I'm pretty sure they love me too..
I've noticed that there always seems to be something on the box, like, mail in the upc and we'll give you this or that. Someone told me the smaller boxes about a month back had itunes gift cards in select boxes (and she had one with a 10.00 card!)
It's never been anything I wanted though. Until today. I was putting stuff away and I saw that with 5 vouchers on select boxes, you can get a free movie ticket for the new Star Trek movie. We'll I bought 6 poptarts, all with the vouchers, so I thought I'd send them in and see I get a movie pass. When I cut out the form inside the box, its says its good for Star Trek or ANY movie at a participating location. So I got 2 free movie tickets when I bought them, and now I'm going to get 1 in the mail?? Sweet!
Moral of the story is. Check your boxes, You never know!

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