Monday, April 6, 2009

It's ALIVE!!

Josh finally got the dinosaur to work! Yay!! With the help of a very nice man at Comcast. Who became a very un-nice man. I don't know how things work at your house, but at my house, I do the bills, and I remember them. The car payment is this, the mortgage is that, and so on. We'll the man on the phone tried to get Josh to sign up for a home phone again. We decided to cancel ours when we realized we were spending 45-50 bucks a month, and we are hardly ever home. So he told my husband we were spending 179 right now, with just the internet and cable, and he could get us all 3 for 130 something.. Really comcast guy? Cause my bill is usually 123 (or 132). We did sign up for the baseball package this morning, so maybe thats where he was getting this from, but then he should have seen we had the baseball package! Crazy comcast.


I'm baccckk!!!!

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