Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tempers rise at CVS

Apparently Carter is still getting over whatever he has/had. He was freaking out at CVS and in turn my temper rose. Good thing Leslie came and took him so I could cash out. Or things could have gotten ugly.

I apologize for my messy table. There just hasn't been time to put it all away lately.

So today I got 4 things of refil soap, 2 dry idea deodorants, 2 natural dentist mouthwash and 2 mascaras. My total was 41, after coupons and 8.00 in ecb, i paid 7.01 out of pocket. I got back 16.00 in ecbs, and I also received my quaterly ecb which I earned 8.50. The natural dentist also has a rebate of 10.00 when you buy 2. So this was a GREAT run.. I love getting paid to shop!

1 comment:

  1. was the rebate a tear pad or did you print it? I can't remember. Oh and don't forget to look at Shaws for the Crystal Light/100 Cal pack tear pads again!

    The Nabisco $3/4 tear pad is a great one right now with the BOGO 100 cal packs! It's not pictured but it has been confirmed it's included. Plus it's worked for me! ;) No chocolate pretzels though :(