Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My to-do list...

At the beginning of the year, Josh and I sat down and made a to-do list, and I also made a Christmas list and a birthday list. We put everything on the list that needed to be done (or be bought) and decided we would just do what we could, when we could. Something were easy like cleaning out closets, cupboards etc, scrubbing the bathroom down, organizing Carters room. Other things, like getting rid of the wood floor and getting carpet, was not as important (or easy, or affordable). We were SO good at first. Doing the easy things, crossing them off the list, and moving on. The easy things though, like cleaning out the closets, seems like we didn't even do them. With all my presents shopping and cvs shopping, and ebay doing, things have just gotten crazy again. I've decided to try to set a goal a week (or a few small goals). There are things that need to get done, that I will need some help with, so I figured I'd start with the easy stuff first. My goal for this week is to clean the bedroom.
I started Monday night, and it was crazyness. When we had (or thought we were having) Early Intervention come, we threw a whole bunch of stuff in the bedroom. I also have a couple of laundry baskets FULL of CVS stuff that needs to find a home. Somewhere in mine, or someone elses. I tend to throw books on the floor when I am done reading them, so there was a nice pile, (which I moved to Shenas house today) and lots of coupon clippings, and bodi-heat pads and wrappers. My should has been a jerk lately so I've been living on those (they were free at cvs a few months ago). So my plan for today (hopefully) is to take another laundry basket, empty everything out from underneath the sink in my bathroom, try to organize that stuff with the stuff in my bedroom so I can either fit it all or give away what doesn't fit. If I can't fit it, then its just hoarding which is wrong (fyi).
I also need to clean out my craft/harry potter draws in my room. They are overflowing with books and well, crafts. I'll report tommorrow and let you know what I get done!

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