Saturday, April 11, 2009

Like whoa?

Okay, so I love CVS, but tonight, not so much. I ordered a few copies of this picture online, to give to my family for easter. I ordered them on Saturday, and they called to tell me thier machines were down. They called today to let me know they were ready, so I went and picked them up.
What I found, was scary. There were pictures of my child, with no head.
Thats right. The 4x6 pictures I ordered are of his elbow down. When I asked Justin about it, he said, "don't look at me, I didn't print them" and told me to check back tommorrow morning with the girl who was working in the photo department. Oh, I'll be there at 9:55, and at this point, I just want my money back. They aren't going to have enough time to reprint them for me, and get me to my inlaws in time for Easter lunch, so I'll just take my cash back. When I do get my money back, I'll be getting swimmy diapers for free-ish, so atleast one good thing came out of this....


  1. Hey Sara,

    The problem is when you order pics online from digital you have to crop them yourself. Your computer probably took them in a larger form than 4 x 6. So if you don't specify where to crop the computer does it for you. When you order there should be a red box around what will be in the final product. I learned that the hard way too. Sorry!

  2. The girl was really nice at cvs and let me return the headless pictures...atleast i know for next time!! thanks!