Sunday, April 26, 2009

Evening Shopping

Okay so I decided to try Walgreens, and I wanted to shoot myself. The breeze monitor was 14.99 and I had a coupon for UP TO 30.00 off. Instead of price adjusting it to make it work, they took 20 minutes to figure it out and then price adjusted it. I then got 5.00 in register rewards. I thought the manager was going to pee his pants. I was so annoyed, and went to CVS to do some fun shopping!
The only thing I really needed to get at CVS was the schick razor. So I grabbed that, used 5 ecbs to pay and got 4ecbs back.
I then decided to try the Walgreens at the other end of the Ave, since I had another Breeze coupon, but I couldn't find them. I decided I would get the 2 got2b gels, and a box of bars for Carter. I paid 4.52 (ish?) oop and got back another 5.00 in register rewards!! I'm still pissed at Walgreens for having a stupid manager though.

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  1. How did they not know to price adjust?? Idiots. I've had 2 manager experiences with them. One was just like yours and the other was really good. At least at CVS 95% of the time they can resolve it on their own.