Monday, April 27, 2009

I know what you thinking...

No update today? No shopping pictures? Pssha, thats the last time I'm checking this out. Well just so you know I DID go shopping and I did take pictures. I just forgot to upload them, and now Im just lazy.. so the run down for today was:

CVS. Crest, 1.99, -1.00 coupons, and 1 ecbs, so 0 oop and I got 1ecb back, yay!

then Walgreens: I bought another meter, a mailing envelope, 2 boxes of bayer aspring stuff, and Nivea body wash. I used coupons, and a 5.00 register reward and 2.88 cents oop, and got back 10.00 in register rewards. I did notice that on my reciept I bought a 30ct aspring for 1.79 and a 60 count for 3.79. I only ment to buy the 30 count, so I'm going to return the 60 count tommorrow. If they refund me the 3.79, I just may pee my pants, that would mean I spent NOTHING out of pocket. I'll keep you updated!

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