Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More CVS fun!

Super fun at CVS! Instead of going three times yesterday, I did three transactions! I first used my dads account and bought a package of wipes (on clearance!) and a toothbrush. I had 2.00 off the wipes CVS coupon, and .75 mani coupon, and I used 4.00 ecbs and .51 oop, and got back 3.99!
Then I bought 2 Kotex pads, John Freida frizz-ease, toothbrush and energy bar. I used a 4/20, 2 1.00 off kotex pads, and a 1.50 CVS kotex coupon, a coupon for the energy bar (3.89 off, but the bar was 2.79!) and 4.99 in ecbs, and 3.89 oop. I got back 2.00 ecbs for the Kotex and 3.99 for the toothbrush.
Then I bought another wipe package, 2 frizz ease, another energy bar and luman make-up remover. I had another 4/20 coupon, 2.00 cvs wipe coupon, and .75 mani coupon, 2, 2.00 off frizz ease, 3.89 off the energy bar, 5.00 off lumene, and i used 5.87 in ecbs, paid nothing out of pocket and got back 5.00 in ecbs for buying 15.00 worth of John Frieda stuff!!
And I've already cut the box tops off my Kotex stuff, added bonus! Woot woo!

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