Sunday, April 26, 2009


Due to my Aunt Barbara and Mellymoo's love of Walgreens, I have decided to venture over there and see what the big todo is. I decided that I need a plan of a attack if I'm going to do this. So my plan is this:
Transaction 1: Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Blood Glucose meter 14.99
-14.99 with coupons
get 5.00 RR
Transaction 2: 2 Got2b hair care products 10.00
-4.00 in coupons
-5.00 RR
1ish dollars oop
5 RR back
Transaction 3: Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner 13.99
-7.00 coupons
-5.00 in register rewards
2ish dollars oop
3RR back
They also have 5.00 off thier ROC skin care, and I have some 3.00 off coupons. CVS is doing a ecb promotion, but if I can just get some free prodcuts with the coupons at Walgreens, I'll do that instead!
Check back later to see if it all worked out! I have 2 Walgreens near by, so hopefully between the both of them I can work this out!

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