Friday, April 3, 2009

Hitting up shaws...

33 items for ... guess?
4 pepsi 12 packs
2 fruit and grain bars
10 bistro meals
2 betty crocker potatos
6 newmans own salsa
3 raisin bran crunch
1 fritos scoops
3 rice things
2 phili cream cheese
Total was 68ish, after coupons was 49.. but wait! this is Shaws we are talking about. The bistro meals were buy one get one free, and i had buy one get one free coupons, making them.. free! So I went back in and got 15 bucks back.. making my shopping trip 34 dollars... so like, 1.03 per item? Thanks shaws!!
I forgot to add that I also got a coupon for a free milk because I bought 3 kellogs cereals.. woot woo!!


  1. Nice job! How much do you think the cereal cost after Qs? I'm thinking of getting the Pepsi with my rebate Qs :)

  2. the cereal was 3 for 5.00 after my q's, and then i got a coupon for free milk! i forgot to add that in my blog!