Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pardon the interuption...

Wow, so I've got a few things to sort through. I actually think my under the kitchen sink deadly chemicals (picture above) is good, so I'm just going to lock that up and leave it alone. The closet in the bathroom (not pictured) has enough shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (and regular soap) to last a while, and is fully stocked, so again, just going to leave that alone. That leaves my under the sink area in the bathroom and 2 little draws (that carter can reach into so I have to be careful what is stored there) and anything that doesn't fit, is finding a new home!
Oh, I should mention that I recently gave 2 big boxes and 2 little boxes full of stuff like the above stuff to the Sisters Place organization (shelter for woman) so can you imagine how much stuff I would have had?? hahaha.. crazy. I know.

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