Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy Drug Store Day

So today was a HUGE shopping day, as you can see. It started off with a trip to Walgreens to return the Bayer. I actually ended up returning the 60ct for a 30ct, and I got 1.42 back. Then I went to another Walgreens on my way to work, and bought the scrubbing bubles shower cleaner, and a bag of M&Ms (eaten before picture was taken) my oop was 3.72, and I got 3.00 back.
Then tonight I went to Walgreens AGAIN (they love me) and got another monitor. 0.00 oop and 5.00 in Reg Rewards

Then I did this little number. The Kotex was on sale for 1.89, and I had 1.00 coupons, and they have boxtops, which equals money to me! Yay! Then I got the Nivea, and the Ecotrin, and missing from the picture is some Bayer quick dissolving tabs. After I left the store, I realized I didn't get my register rewards, and then I realized I was charged 5.29 for them, not 2.49!! So I went back in, and we (clerk and me) realized they didn't have the 4 count that was 2.49, only the 5.29 10ct, so I returned those and got 5.30 back! Woohoo!

So I used that and got the Quattro Razor and Milk for for 2.98, and got back 3.00 RR!

Then I went across the street to CVS. They just love me and would miss me if I didn't stop by. I got the 2 Roc things, the lumene and shoes for Carter. The Roc was 3.99, and I had 3.00 coupons, then lumene was 2.99, and I had a 3.00 off coupon. I used 4.00 ecbs and 3.96 oop to pay for it. The Roc products are spend 30 get back 10 this week, so I have 7.98 towards that. Woohoo!
What a day huh?

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