Thursday, April 23, 2009


I could not stop shopping today, the deals were just to good!!

The first picture is 5 tresemme hair products, and 4 nuts and a thing of lumene wipes. I had a CVS coupon for 5 off 15.00 in tresemme products, plus 5 1.00 off q's. I used 4.00 in ecbs, 66 cents oop and got 5.00 ecb's back. woo!
The second picture is my Stop and Shop run I got 16 powerades, 4 Vitamin 10's, 2 Bagelfuls, 3 deli creations, for 6.90 cents! Did you know that you get .05 cents off your total for every reusable bag you use to take your grocerys home in? I had no idea!
Then the Aveeno. I got 3 items for 26ish, had a 10.00 off coupon, and a 4/20 and then I paid 11 in ecbs and 1.03 oop, and got back 10 ecbs!
And my favorite transaction of the day.. 6 got2b products, face scrub, and some nuts. I spent 2.00 in ecbs, and 43 cents oop.. What a day!


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  2. No idea, but I'm thinking not legit.