Sunday, April 5, 2009

Customer Value Store....

It might actually be consumer value store, I'm really not sure.. but either way.. I definitly found it valuable today..
Because Im a crappy no-loving easter mom, I was not going to do a basket, but they are 1.99 and you get 1.99 ecb's back. So fine. I picked up 2. I'll make a little something for Carter, and make something for GrandmaKat and Grandpa (surprise!). I also did thier huggies deal and got 2 packages of diapers and 1 package of wipes.
I used a 4 off of 20 coupon, 2 3.00 off huggies diapers, and .50 off huggies wipes. I used 16.00 in ecb's, and paid 2.48 out of pocket. I then recived 13.98 back in ecb's, for the huggies and the baskets. Woohoo!
While I was there the boyfriend machine also printed out a coupon for 20.00 off a 100.00 purchase. I'm hoping to go to CVS when Josh gets home from work (or when Carter goes to bed) to see if I can work a deal out. I have a few ideas to get my total up (and then down). Stay tuned!!

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